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Tuesday, December 06, 2011


1.  Electricity is the flow of electrical power or charge.

2.  Electricity travels at the speed of light more than 186,000 miles per second.

3.  The electricity we use in our homes comes from a primary source like oil, 

     nuclear power, coal, natural gas, the sun, or other natural sources. 

4.  Water and wind  are other sources of energy, called mechanical energy.

5.  We use electricity every day for heat, light and power. 

6.  Before we began generating electricity, over 100 years ago, fireplaces and 
     pot-belly stoves kept homes warm, kerosene lamps and candles lit homes and  
     food was kept cool in iceboxes or underground storage cellars.

7.  Benjamin Franklin was the first person to help people understand the principles

     of electricity and Thomas Edison changed the world with his invention of the

     electric light bulb.

8.  The first power plant owned by Thomas Edison opened in New York City in 1882